State of Anything

with the right state, you can create anything.

I help you get there.

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Hi gorgeous! My name is Katie and I'm a certified Life and Success Coach that's totally in love with helping you to become the happiest, most confident, successful version of yourself.

I've always been a fan of transformation stories, not because I think you need to change, but because I know the real you is ready to come out of hiding.

I'm here to help you raise your confidence to unstoppable levels and be that person who's so happy it's almost annoying while skyrocketing your success in record time.

I spent years of my life searching for confidence and happiness and it wasn't until I learned some incredible mindset tools that major changes actually started happening. 

And I mean MAJOR changes.. like change careers, start from scratch, get divorced and move across the continent kind of major. So whatever you’re up against, I got you.


I’m here to help you let go of that self-doubt, forget the negative self-talk and create unshakable confidence in your life.

Our time together will be spent uncovering the beliefs and patterns holding you back from taking action and achieving success and creating empowering strategies (and sometimes total identity shifts) to help you create the life and success you’ve always dreamed of.

Done wasting time simply wishing things could be better and ready to transform & find out how we can work together?

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