Imagine what your life could be like if you had The Confidence and ability to take action towards your dreams…


If you’ve ever said:

“I’m my own worst enemy.”

“I know what I should do but I just don’t do it.”

“I get in my own way.”

“I sabotage myself.”

“The only thing stopping me is me.”

… or if any of these sound similar, you’re in the right place.

Katie Confidence Coach


When in hypnosis, you can turn your attention completely inward to make use of the natural resources deep within you that can help you transform in certain areas of your life.

It’s not magic, but it sometimes feels like it!

With hypnotherapy, you’ll be guided to harness the power of your subconscious mind to achieve your goals and remove what’s blocking you.

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I had the absolute pleasure of working with Katie for a hypnosis session. Before our session, I had an idea of what I wanted for a  specific goal for my future but I just felt like I couldn’t get clear and specific on the details and after my hypnosis session with Katie, I not only had a really crystal clear vision of exactly what I wanted about that specific goal but I felt that it was actually already available for me and now I’m taking action towards it with confidence every single day so I can’t say enough good things about Katie and her hypnosis skills.

- Ashley Perkins, Life + Success Coach, Founder of the CEO Academy


Katie is AMAZING! The first day of us working together she truly amazed me. Her ability to connect with me and in one Anchoring session I felt happier and peaceful! Katie is such a powerful women with beautiful energy! I am so grateful to have worked with her. My anchor that we did is still going strong!

-Sharece Renne, Self Love + Business Coach

I am so grateful that my path crossed with Katie’s. Katie is one of those rare, genuine people who is as kind as she is smart. She has been such an asset for my business — she has helped transform my mindset not only about my business but more importantly about myself. I am so thankful for Katie’s encouragement, support, and accountability as well as for her business guidance. Katie truly is a mindset + business expert, and I can’t express my gratefulness enough!

- Kelli

I LOVED that you looked at every single aspect of life and then figure out where my goals were and what to work on and in what order. You helped me see that great we can get to that end goal but I needed to start small to get there, like that it was a marathon not a sprint! That’s how I see my goals now! I would 100% recommend anyone to sit down and chat with you. You are so welcoming and non-judgemental and the passion you have to help is amazing!

- Linda

You gave me courage to make my first step to a change and keep encouraging me, helped me develop time management skills and you are actually listening to me!

- Barbara