Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?
— Mary Oliver

Imagine what your life could be like if you had The Confidence and ability to take action towards your dreams…


You could tell people what's really on your mind?

You would stand up for yourself, communicate clearly and easily.

You would have the guts to believe in yourself and go after what you really want in life and stop hiding. 

 You've kind of gotten into this funk of letting yourself down and you definitely know that life could be better and you could be WAY better.

  • you dream of living a cool life but you spend more time scrolling through cool instagram feeds than living your own

  • you've gotten into the habit of keeping your ideas to yourself and stick with the same old

  • you know you should speak up more, be more assertive, grow a back bone and stand up for yourself, but you haven't (yet!)

  • you've tried reading a self-help book or two, dieting or buying new clothes, but that doesn't seem to help

  • you know you should get a promotion or a raise, but can never bring yourself to ask for it

  • you have this dread that time is passing and you are NOT making the most of it and don't want wasted months to turn to wasted decades

Katie Confidence Coach

I get it. 

That used to be me. I was majorly lacking in the confidence and happiness department. I figured it was something that other people had and I just didn't - but I also really, really didn't want to stay the way I was. 

From the outside - life looked good enough. I won awards in my career, was married, lived in cool cities around the world (Dublin, Seoul, Dubai, Silicon Valley) and met new friends. 


I constantly felt like I wasn't good enough.

I was in a job that was sucking the life out of me, in a marriage that wasn’t working and was trying to make everyone else happy.

I was obsessed with diets and calories and new exercise problems because I thought maybe the answer lied in how I looked. I was constantly trying to start a business but was too scared to put myself out there.

I was always envious how others had it better - scrolling through Pinterest or Instagram for hours - wishing I had the confidence to go after a career I loved, or to the beach without obsessing about how I looked.

But here's the really good news...

I was so determined to change that I spent almost all my spare time researching confidence, how our brains work and how we can change our own lives - and once I started taking action on the inside, things changed FAST.

I spent over 2 years working for 7-figure coaches who built their incredible business from the ground up. I learned so much about the tactics of running and scaling a business but more importantly (Yes, I mean this!) I saw first hand how intensely they worked on themselves and their mindset. Without that work, their 7-figures never would have happened.

I went from being unsatisfied, unconfident and self-loathing to someone who was genuinely experiencing joy all the time. I felt amazing about myself, was taking major steps to change the direction of my life - and without to sound too cheesy - am now happier than I ever thought I could be. 

And from then on, I knew...

I had to share my transformation with you.

I signed myself up for a coaching certification because I saw so many other women were struggling with the same things I did and I knew that I could help them - that I had to. 

I got certified as a Life and Success Coach, NLP Practitioner, in EFT, TIME techniques and Hypnotherapy and this stuff works FAST.

I've package everything together into an incredible 10 week program for you where we'll go over all the fundamentals you need to create the most confident version of you and to get the success you somewhere deep-down know you can have.

I'm so excited for you to experience the power of coaching and the transformation that it will create in your life.



Here's what 1 on 1 coaching includes:

  • 10 one-on-one coaching sessions with me, 60 minutes each.

  • Email correspondence directly with me to support you in between sessions. I’ll answer within 24 hours (weekends may be longer).

  • Custom resources to fit your unique journey.

  • Session recordings so you can fully be in the session without worrying about notes.


In your custom program we will…

1. Get crystal clear on goals and create action plan that’s so detailed you always know the next right step to take.

2. Create your success mindset because years of limiting beliefs and negative programming are holding you back from being the kick-ass person you’re meant to be so we’re going to transform that asap.

3. Supercharge your productivity so that you can understand what you need to take massive action and clear anything in the way of you being your more productive self.

4. Step into the most confident person you’ve ever been so you can easily show up as your best self and feel good while putting yourself out there.

5. Clear the money drama. You have sh*t around money that’s stopping you from creating the success you’re craving and we’re gonna clear that out.

6. Design your lifestyle…. because this is all going to be a waste if you end up just as stressed/bored/overworked as when you started, and I’m not letting that happen on my watch.

7. Get manifestation working in your life, because if the universe isn’t lining everything up in your favour…. who is?

… and seriously so much more.

Your investment

One payment of $2,000 or two payments of $1,200.

All payments are in USD.

How does coaching work?

1. Fill in the form below and I'll contact you to get started with a FREE consultation. 

2. We'll chat and see if this program is what you need to make an amazing transformation in your life.

3. You'll invest in your life-changing package, sign on the dotted line and dive into your welcome pack to help get everything started.

4. We'll schedule all appointments.

5. You'll do a happy dance because things are about to get AMAZING!


I am so grateful that my path crossed with Katie’s. Katie is one of those rare, genuine people who is as kind as she is smart. She has been such an asset for my business — she has helped transform my mindset not only about my business but more importantly about myself. I am so thankful for Katie’s encouragement, support, and accountability as well as for her business guidance. Katie truly is a mindset + business expert, and I can’t express my gratefulness enough!

- Kelli

I LOVED that you looked at every single aspect of life and then figure out where my goals were and what to work on and in what order. You helped me see that great we can get to that end goal but I needed to start small to get there, like that it was a marathon not a sprint! That’s how I see my goals now! I would 100% recommend anyone to sit down and chat with you. You are so welcoming and non-judgemental and the passion you have to help is amazing!

- Linda

You gave me courage to make my first step to a change and keep encouraging me, helped me develop time management skills and you are actually listening to me!

- Barbara